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Creation Tattoo Shop opened its doors to our guests in April 2014, in the beautiful inner courtyard of a turn-of-the-century house in Szent István boulevard 16. The shop has been operating as a tattoo parlor since 1996.

The studio’s manager, Balázs Vadócz opened his first shop here with 18 years of experience in the field of tattooing. Balázs got his degree in graphic design (MOME) and his painterly approach can also be seen in his work, as a tattoo artist. His main areas are colorful, illustrative and picturesque tattoos, and the oriental style. Therefore our guests call him the “Color Wizard”.

In 2023 two dedicated tattoo artists joined the Creation team, Virág Ezer and Zoltán Husvéth. Both of them are happy to realize any idea from very small tattoos to complex, detailed designs, whether they are black and white or colored tattoos. Virág prefers to do realistic designs, and Zoltán is most experienced in the dark style.

We provide the opportunity to everyone for a personal consultation. We always design the tattoos -based on the special wishes of the guests- the best we can. We are proud of our tattoo studio’s atmosphere, and the fact that some of our guests are not only our guests, but also our friends. Our goal is for this place to function not only as a tattoo studio, but also as a common “spiritual thinking workshop” and a creative community. We participate in many external projects individually and as a team, in the most diverse areas of art and design. Our latest project is the creation of our own brand, in order to make the designs we dreamed up available to a wider audience.

We would like that our guests not only get a new tattoo, but be enriched with a lifetime experience and return to us – either for a new tattoo or to have a good chat with us.


  • MO-FRI: 11:00-18:00
  • SAT: 10:00-14:00


If you want to get a tattoo from us, you should make an appointment in advance. You can send your requests on the following channels : Facebook (facebook.com/creationtattooshop), Instagram (instagram.com/creationtattooshop), by e-mail (creationtattooshop@gmail.com) or you can call us (06-1/400-6530), but we are also happy to see you in our tattoo studio during the opening hours. In any case, it is worth arranging a personal meeting with your future tattooist, so you can finalize your ideas before the process begins. Before contacting us, please think about the pattern, the style, the size and the colors of your future tattoo, and which part of your body you want to wear it. We appreciate if you collect some reference images (preferably not of tattoos made by others, because we will not copy them under any circumstances, but we are happy to design something similar). We can only give an appointment for a tattoo, if you pay in advance for the planning. The amount of the deposit includes the tattoo designing and the possibility of maximum three corrections.

The predictable price of your tattoo can be estimated by your tattooist, who will know how much time, and how many sessions it will take to create it. It depends on the details, the size and the color of the design. Our tattoo shop is open from Monday to Saturday between 11 a.m. and 6 p.m. (These opening hours may change due to holidays and individual vacations or other obligations.)

Please always call us when you come for an appointment to see if the tattoo artist- you are looking for is there, so we can avoid unpleasant situations.

Over the years we have implemented many individual tattoo ideas and styles but we insist on one thing: we do not tattoo extreme ideological symbols. Our principle is that we do not copy tattoos but we are happy to design a similar, unique design for you.

If our schedule allows us, we welcome walk-ins as well.


Before, during and after the tattoo:

You must be aware of the personal responsibilities for getting a tattoo.

Please arrive on time and preferably alone at your appointment, and prepare yourself so you don’t have to rush when it’s over – the session can sometimes last longer than planned. We recommend taking a day off from work for the tattooing and the subsequent rest. Please bring quick-to-consume food and liquid with yourself. If you come in the morning, don’t forget to have a breakfast! If you are prone to feeling sick, eat food that contain sugar beforehand. Please arrive in comfortable clothes or bring clothes that helps the tattoo artist’s work.

We try to make the tattooing conditions as comfortable as possible, but we use a needle to insert the ink underneath your skin, which causes obvious pain during the process and for some time afterwards. We take maximum care of hygiene in the studio, and later it will be your responsibility to take care of the tattoo. It is very important that you follow strictly the aftercare rules, because this is the only way we can ensure the quality of our work in the long term!

Tattoo aftercare

You will leave our salon with a “second skin” film foil and in the first days you won’t have to do anything with your new tattoo. The film is waterproof, so you can take a quick shower with it but getting it wet is strictly prohibited. After 3-4 days please remove the film and clean your tattoo. For this process, please wash your hands thoroughly then rinse and pat the surface dry. The healing of your tattoo starts already under the foil, so after its removal it is enough to apply Bepanthen ointment a few times a day.

Unfortunately it may occur that the foil releases by itself. In this case we ask you to re-stick the affected surface with skin-friendly adhesive tape.

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