Zsuzsa Fábri


I joined the team of Creation Tattoo Shop as the apprentice of Balázs Vadócz in 2015.
I mastered in fashion design at the Moholy-Nagy University of Arts and Design in Budapest, then worked as a graphic and garment designer for 2 years. My artistic and imaginative skills have always been strong, and my passion for drawing could not be repressed by the fashion industry. That is why I recently choose tattooing as a profession: besides drawing every day I can evolve my own art; I love working with people and making their wishes come to life. Drawing for me is more than work or hobby: it is my place of experiments and self-expression. My sophisticated, feminine and detailed visual style is quite diverse, it is influenced by art, fashion, design and contemporary ilustration. I am quite open for experimenting with different styles and techniques.
As a tattoo artist my short-term goal is to get more skilled, and to try out all the potentials of working with needles. I feel lucky to have guests who trust my hands and give me freedom in designing their ideas. Blackwork tattoos and finely detailed illustration-like designs are what I like the most, but I adore all those tattooists who have their own fresh visual narratives and look at the human body through the eye of a graphic artist. My long term goal is to be one of those high standard tattooists with proven skills and a unique style.

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