The Studio


Our Budapest-based tattoo studio, Creation Tattoo Shop was opened in 2014 by the tattoo artist and graphic designer Balázs Vadócz whose name sounds familiar in the Hungarian tattoo scene for over a decade.
The three atists of the studio each have an artistic educational background, and they are reprezenting different, well-recognizeable styles each, so our studio is able to satisfly all needs. Balázs Vadócz is a master of freestyle color tattoos, freehand designs and oriental style tattoos. Besides being a tattoo artist for 17 years he is a professional graphic designer as well. Marica Póti is a qualified photographer and she has been been tattooing for 6 years. She works mostly after photo references such as portrait tattoos and all photorealistic black-and-grey tattoos. Zsuzsanna Fábri started tattooing as the apprentice of Balázs Vadócz after taking degree as a fashion designer. She prefers blackwork and fine detailed linework tattoos.
We are ready to design all tattoo ideas uniquely based on personal requirements and keep a personal contact with our guests and get them involved in the design process. We are proud that our place is more than a tattoo studio – it is a creative space and a friendly meeting point as well. Our ongoing project is a limited collection of designer products based on our tattoos and artworks, to make our designs available for collectors and the public.
We want to make our guests feel that what they recieve here is not a tattoo only but a professional experience.