Balázs Vadócz



I have been obessed with drawing since I was a child. At the age of 18 I was planning to study sculpture at the College of Fine Arts in Budapest. For some certain reasons I had to choose work instead of education. I did not regret this decision because this was the way that led me towards the art of tattooing, and it made me realize that I don’t have to give up on learning besides all matters. I got involved in the Hungarian tattoo life in 1998, being the part of the Yakuza Tattoo team. Here I became acquainted with the japanese wood carvings to which I regularly remount for inspiration since then. That time I did not feel like I was a real tattoo artist, it took several years to do so… My lust for learning had not faded so I qualificated as a layout editor thanks to my obsession with  typefaces and lettering. I was asked by the Hungarian Tattoo Magazin crew to help them recreate the design of the magazin layout so I was working for them for over 4 years. But that was not enough. I decided to make up for my technical and theoritical art and drawing skills so I took classes at Budai Drawing School between 2008 and 2009 and completed a vocational training as well to get the qualification of a graphic designer. By this time I have already worked at several famous tattoo studios in Budapest like Reneisance Tattoo (2002-2004) where I could learn a lot from my collegue James (James Tattoo). In Loco-Motive Tattoo (2005-2006) I became friends with Sándor Nyíri with much learning and fun. This was the time when I took my first steps towards Europe and my made my first, but surprisingly successful appearance in front of international audience at the Milan Tattoo Convention. The german Tattoowier Magazin picked my work to represent this world famous event. I kept going on with my education though, and that is what I am the proudest of: in 2010 I got applied to the Moholy-Nagy University of Arts and Design (MOME) to graduate as a graphic designer in 2013. My final thesis, of course, was written about the art of tattooing. I joined the staff of Tattoo Mágus during the university years, and consequently I opened my own tattoo studio called Creation Tattoo Shop in 2014. The mission of this place is to get art and design involved in tattooing.

Today I have still not finished learning day by day. I am constaltly looking for inspiration in people and everyday life.

My motto goes like this: there are no such things as bad tattoos – only impatient tatto artists.

You can find these in the shop.